Perfect Featured Image For Fiverr Gigs

When you are designing your Fiverr gigs featured image, you have 2 things to consider.

  1. How will the image be displayed on fiverr search
  2. How will the image be displayed on social media

If you go for a nice fiverr search sized image of about 1000×617 then you will get just about perfect display in the fiver search. Unfortunately when you share your gig on facebook you will end up with a small left hand side image at the wrong ratio that will never get clicked.

Here is an example of the 1000 x 617 size

Facebook Size Featured Image

On facebook you need the big top image showed in order to get the social clicks.

So now lets set the fiverr gig image to the perfect facebook size. 1200×600 . You get a large top image on facebook shares but when you look in fiverr search you get only the middle 65% of the image. 35% is lost on the sides and it looks terrible.

This sized image will only get facebook and twitter traffic and sales, never sales from fiverrs own traffic.

Here is an example of a 1200×600 image

Now Time For The Perfect Fiver Gig Featured Image

In order to get the best of both worlds you need to use the 1200×600 image size so that you get the large display on facebook and twitter.

You also need a perfect display on fiverr too. so the answer to this is to place image content into the center 65% of the image its self so that fiverr only cut off empty space and show all the content and facebook show the large image and all of the content. Here is an example of a perfect sized and laid out fiverr image for fiverr, facebook and twitter all in one.

The order now button on each of the 3 images above does actually work and YES it is only $5. So if you would like us to design your perfect fiverr gig image then please click on the order now button.

Thanks for reading and we hope that this new found info will help you get more sales on fiverr.

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